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Listings and information for all adult Sunday School classes.

A Study of First Peter

This quarter’s Study of First Peter will offer an indepth look at Peter’s first epistle.

Topics will include

  • grace-driven discipleship
  • the covenant community
  • holiness
  • suffering
  • unity
  • life in the kingdom during difficult times

The class will be held in the Fellowship Hall.

Singleness & Marriage Sunday School Class

This Singleness & Marriage class begins November 22 and will be taught in the Rec Room at Plains PCA.

This class is designed is for people who want to learn more about how to glorify God in our singleness and/or in our marriages. We will focus on God’s design for men and women, both single and married.

Special attention will be given to the specific issues and ideas facing Christians in our present cultural context, including sexuality, purity, and forgiveness.