Fall/Winter Adult Sunday School Classes

Our Fall/Winter Sunday School Classes will begin on November 22. Please review the offerings below to learn which class you’d like to attend.

Our Rotating Classes this quarter will include:

  • Singleness & Marriage – This class is for those interested in learning more about how to glorify God in our singleness and/or in our marriages. We will focus on God’s design for men and women, both single and married. Special attention will be given to the specific issues and ideas facing Christians in our present cultural context, including sexuality, purity, and forgiveness. This class will be conducted in the Recreation Room.
  • A Study of First Peter – This class will offern an in-depth study of Peter’s first letter. Topics will include grace-driven discipleship, the covenant community, holiness, suffering, unity, and life in the kingdom during difficult times. This class will be eld in the Fellowship Hall.

Our Continuous Class options for adult Sunday school remain the same:

  • Joy Class – This women’s class will be studying 1-2 Kings and the prophets, taught by Betsy Mills in the Joy SS Classroom.
  • Men’s Class – The Men’s Class will delve into a study of the New Testament Letters, led by Tom McKowen in the Men’s Classroom.
  • Friendship Class – The Friendship Class will study the Letter to the Hebrews, taught by Jeff Moore.